How much do you charge?

  • Estimates vary depending on how much editing and enhancements will be necessary for the overall design. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required before work begins.
    • 3D Designs that are commissioned for personal use (not for resale) start at $15, increasing with complexity. They will be completely textured, with bump maps and specular maps. These are not exclusive and can be sold on my market at a later date.
    • 3D Designs (full permissions mesh) start at $25, increasing with design complexity. This will include the object, ambient occlusion textures, and UV layouts.
    • Exclusive 3D Designs (full permissions mesh that I will not resell) start at $50, increasing with complexity. This will include the object, ambient occlusion textures, UV layouts, and the DAE files.

What form of payment do you prefer?

  • Payment for artwork will be fulfilled via Paypal transaction.
    Payment for Second Life© work can be processed through the Second Life© virtual marketplace or Paypal.

I have a photo that I would like to use in the work. Would you be able to incorporate it?

  • Absolutely! As long as the photo is either your own property or it is a stock image labeled for reuse or reuse with modification, I will be happy to work with any image that you would like to include. Any images that you offer to me for use in your custom project will not be used in any of my future projects, unless they are on free domain.

Do I have to pay extra for the stock images that you purchase to complete the work?

  • Nope! However, I will reserve ownership of the images, as I will be paying for them out my own pocket. I will offer links to the images, should you wish to purchase them yourself. All stock images that I purchase on my own can and will be used in future projects.

How much do you charge for revisions?

  • You are entitled to 2 revision sessions at no cost. Extra revision sessions will be an added fee of $25 each, to be paid before services are rendered.

What if I am not satisfied with the completed project, even after revisions?

  • If for some reason you are still not happy with the work (though, I will do everything within my capabilities to ensure that you are), you will not be obligated to purchase the final product. However, the deposit and extra revision fees are non-refundable and you will not receive the artwork in any form, other than the watermarked previews that were given to you.


A few points to keep in mind, to preserve a good relationship between artists and their clients:

To some, it may seem unreasonable that I choose not to bestow either a refund or the completed, (supposedly) unsatisfactory artwork to dissatisfied clients, there is good reason for this.

People sometimes undervalue the work of artists and feel that they should not have to pay the requested price. Unfortunately, they often will pretend to be dissatisfied with a completed work in hopes that they will not have to pay full price for it. While I will not charge anyone for a project that they do not wish to keep, I am entitled to keep what I am owed for my time and energy that I put into creating the artwork.

This also protects me from people who might hire me to create a project and then suddenly, for one reason or another, they do not follow through with their end of the agreement, resulting in wasted time on my part, which I could have spent doing other things.



Do notunder any circumstances, copy my artwork. Using my artwork for inspiration is absolutely fine, as most artists are inspired from one another, but cloning my artwork is unacceptable.

Examples of what NOT to do:

  • Offer my original artwork, (this includes any samples) to another artist so that they might replicate/clone the artwork for you at cheaper costs.
  • Replicate my original artwork. This is stealing. Many of my pieces are inspired by other artists’ work, however, I always change it so that it is uniquely my own interpretation, as should you!
  • Attempt to remove watermarks from my artwork samples.
  • Copy or distribute any of my images, 3D designs (mesh), or advertisements with intent to sell them as your own work, i.e., creating “clipart” and selling it on Etsy or elsewhere. This is most definitely stealing and thieves will be dealt with accordingly.


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