Lost in *Everwinter*

The year was 1999. The age before cell phones and constant connectivity. The world seemed much bigger before GPS was readily available. It held so many unexplored crevices and forgotten paths. A person could vanish for hours, even days, and no one would notice. However, such freedom comes with a price. Spring had just arrived. …

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Journey to the Tropics – Makeahla Jungle

Hello! Thank you for joining me on this crisp, freezing… ugh. Let us skip the weather and pleasantries, shall we? You may or may not be aware, but I am, what could be referred to as, a time traveler. I know, I know. You think the very idea is preposterous. However, we aren’t here to […]

Wandering in DERAILED.

  Today, I shall attempt to do my first blog entry on fashion. For my photographs, I decided to pick a sim that I had never been to before, Derailed. The scenery, landscaped by Neva Crystall-Blessed, ended up being so marvelous that I decided to take a few extra photos just to show off its charms! The […]