*PAN* Contemporary Rising

Available at – Sense Event

This set is made up of five pieces, each with a land impact of 0.5. The canvas artwork is an original by PAN, not to be found anywhere else! Interpret it as you will, but the title of it is “Rising”. Beneath it is a coffee table comprised of a concrete shelf supported by polished steel. Set upon it (though, separate from the table itself) is a simple tray of carved, wooden spheres in various tones of green with gold accents.

The shiny copper end table was created to be in perfect contrast of the oxidized copper vase of this set, while blending nicely with the earth tones. The idea was to harmonize nature with man-made elements while embracing their stark differences.

Each piece is materials enabled to enhance realism when “advanced lighting” is activated.  They are all separate from one another so that they can be arranged however you please. The entire set can be purchased in the fatpack at a discounted price, or you can purchase them separately.

This set will be available at Sense Event from February 15th at 4PM SLT until the 8th of March at 4PM SLT.



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