The Weathered Kitchen Hutch Set

39516961924_7ce9a7f50f_bThis set includes a retro tiki wooden spoon and fork, Jadeite plates and mugs, a biscuit tin with three compartments, and the weathered hutch with a matching end table and also a matching buffet table (one without the shelves) for use in any room!

They are 1 land impact each. The hutch is 2, but it can be reduced to 1 if you unlink the shadow. All items are materials enabled, but, keeping those in mind who can’t run SL on high graphics settings, they are also textured as detailed as possible to look nice even without the advanced lighting activated.

This set is available now till February 25th at Cosmopolitan!

After this, you will be able to find it at the PAN mainstore.

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