Can’t Wait for Halloween!

Allyce and I decided to go on a little trip to the pumpkin patch yesterday, because Autumn is here! Sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes… Yeah, you know you’re excited, too! Sure, Halloween isn’t for another month and a half, but we’re eager and we do what we want.


We made our way over to Chimeric Arts & Fashions’ Pumpkin Patch because they have some fun, customizable pumpkins there that you can pick out yourself! They also allow for rezzing so it’s great for photos if you use pose balls and such.

The main shop sells masks and it has some free hats. After picking out a hat, we noticed a sign for a magic mushroom mayhem game. I’m not one to pass up fun, so I snatched up a ladle, which Allyce informed me is not a giant spoon, and we set off to find some ‘shrooms.


I wasn’t sure of what the ladle was for, so I figured that maybe it could be used for shoveling up the mushrooms. Allyce was ashamed, however, at the sign of her guy trying to shovel up mushrooms with a giant-…  I mean, a ladle, so I had to stop that.


Once we collected tons of mushrooms, we went back to the cauldron and I found out what the ladle was for. It was for stirring the mix! Once we drank the potion, we sprouted some little mushroom friends. I got a dancing mushroom and Allyce grew some shroom horns. The spell is only temporary, unfortunately, so within 15 minutes, the magic poofed. 37229764575_d026d8ce0c_b

A trolley passed by and we hopped inside. It was the most boring, uneventful ride that I have ever experienced, but if you want to see what Second Life looked like back in 2005, you might enjoy it.


Finally, we went to the pumpkin patch. Allyce fell in love with the biggest pumpkin there, so he became our pumpkin. I cut the umbilical cord and we took him home. 37229764355_0e135c67eb_b

Allyce laid out newspapers and then we got to work. She was to be in charge of drawing the face while I pulled out its guts! But, as everyone knows, pumpkin guts can’t just be pulled out without having some fun with them.


After I threatened to put some in her hair, Allyce fled down the stairs, but I gave her a head start since she was in her super high heels. Ahhh girls… so fun to mess with.

Maybe we’ll actually carve the pumpkin at some point!



FATEwear Scarf – Harry – Ocean
RIOT / Marcus Tee
RIOT / Wade Denims
::Leonum:: Urban Angel Multi Necklace

(RIOT/Marcus Tee shown below with optional “no sleeves”)



RIOT / Gaia Sweatshirt
RIOT / Winona Skinnies
RIOT / Claire Half D’orsay Pumps

(In photo below: RIOT / Jennifer Skinnies , RIOT / Gia Ankle Booties, and the hair is [elikatira] – Tonya)


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