When You’re on an Epic Adventure and You Run Out of Snacks




<:*BoOGErS*:> Snack’N’Slurp (To be released on May 15th for the {Color Me Cute} Event!)

Transfer Only
12 Prizes  No Rares
50L per play

Product Features: Lid that opens and closes to protect your snacks. You can choose from Carrots, Crackers, “Ohs”, Fishes, or my chosen favorite, COOKIES! The snacks are nested atop a tumbler of milk, but you don’t have to take it off cause it comes with a handy straw for kids on the go. Snacking couldn’t be easier!

What I’m wearing: 

  • ::ROC:: Canvas Sneaker
  • ToddleTeeZ Elli Cargos
  • [Phunk] Mesh Sombrero Hat (5 colors) and Mustache

Photo taken at: Nusquam. A beautiful, scenic place that resembles an isolated country town with fields, junk cars, and railroad tracks!

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