Journey to the Tropics – Makeahla Jungle

Hello! Thank you for joining me on this crisp, freezing… ugh. Let us skip the weather and pleasantries, shall we? You may or may not be aware, but I am, what could be referred to as, a time traveler.
I know, I know. You think the very idea is preposterous. However, we aren’t here to discuss science! Allow me to bring you along to a time when daring explorers wandered into the far reaches of the uninhabited forests… Searching for a sacred artifact that was bound to bring them world-wide fame.


It was the year 1916. World War 1 was in full swing. The Germans had only recently bombed Paris from their zeppelins. Hostility was growing all over the globe. I decided to enroll myself at a university to study history. Of course, one has to be careful when doing such a thing in my position. If anyone caught on that I knew what the future held, well, it would be disaster. However, no one was the least bit suspicious of me. I was just another face in the crowd.

16450043087_98d618fe7a_hThat is when I happened upon this man; Edward P. Finkle. He was a professor of Botany at the University.

It seemed that he was in desperate need of an explorer who would be willing to travel to the Makeahla Jungle to search for a rare species of plant. All expenses paid, too! If I succeeded, I would be awarded with a hefty check and be enrolled in the National Geographers Society. So naturally, I accepted.


If I managed to find this “Neoregelia Carolinae,” I would head to a base camp where Professor Finkle would be awaiting my arrival. He would then provide me with a check, and all parties involved in the mission would return home safely. It could not possibly be more easy than that. How hard would it be to find a red plant in a green jungle?

After the long journey to our destination, the group dropped me off near a watering hole where my raft was waiting, bid me good luck, and waved as they departed quickly. I was now alone in an uninhabited jungle. 

Before I began my journey, I looked through my maps and botanical information, trying to decide with route to take. I didn’t want to make any decisions before I got to see what the terrain was like, because I had never even been in a jungle before. Things seemed pretty tranquil.



Indy and Zebras
Success! And just look at the little baby… awwwwwwww.
Well that was exciting! To think that I was getting paid for that expedition. It was more like a vacation than work. But, I did have an objective to take care of, so I boarded my sturdy vessel and traveled down the river.


Yes, that is a laptop. I may be a time traveler, but there are certain things that cannot be left behind. It was a pain to find an adapter for the outlets, though.

I spotted a herd of elephants relaxing in the cool waters, and the scenery was just too beautiful to pass up without getting a few photos. I parked my raft and as I was preparing to get some shots of the elephants, I found a swing! Does Tarzan live out here?


I propped up my camera to get a few shots, because I knew that no one would believe that I had found some indication of civilized life out there. I began to wonder if I might discover some new tribe. But wait… was that… a shark?!

Quickly, I tried to jump from the swing. It was dangling just above the water, making me seem like a delicious dinner on a string, I’m sure. However, my whip got hooked on the seat and instead of leaping forward…


Yep, you guessed it. I fell right into the shark infested waters. Surely, you can imagine my terror. A hungry predator was swimming right nearby! As swiftly as I could manage (now that I was soaked) I got to my feet and lunged toward the boulders on the bank where the sharks wouldn’t reach.


 Whew! That was so close. WAY too close. I sat on the rocks for awhile to try to calm myself and get my wits together. My laptop was ruined, of course. What a brilliant idea to carry a laptop in coffee bean sack! I would have to dry my maps.
Suddenly, I got the feeling that someone was watching me. I peered at the pelican, the starfish, and then there was a huff of hot air blowing right on me from above. Cautiously, I looked up to see what could possibly be causing hot wind to blow from the sky.
Indy Dino
…You have got to be kidding me. 


Forget the sharks! This thing had teeth bigger than my entire body! I dove into the water and swam back to the area where my raft was supposed to be, but apparently it had drifted away, because it was nowhere to be found, so I had to make use of a giant lily pad instead.
As I lay there watching the prehistoric creature stomp around, I could not believe my eyes. Maybe I had eaten some bad mushroom and it was all my imagination.
Regardless, I needed to get back to my raft, or I would have to continue my trip on foot, which would be horrifying considering that thing was out there lurking around. I managed to find it pinned against some rocks, being held place by the swiftly moving current. After a vigorous struggle, I managed to free it and once again, I was on my way.


I unpacked my maps with the intent to navigate a straight line directly to this base camp. Forget the stupid plant! I had enough of sharks and dinosaurs. The professor could go find the freakin’ plant himself if he wanted it that badly. Unfortunately, the drawings had become a mess of bleeding ink and it was impossible to determine what was what. Now how would I find my way back?


My raft violently collided with a fallen tree that was damming up the river, and now, the main support beam in front was cracked. The force of the water was relentless, and soon my raft was beginning to split in half! I slipped off just before the two splintered sections rammed against a tree where they were forcefully ripped  apart. Soon, they were sucked under and vanished from sight.

As I began to try to estimate my location, I heard a squeak that sounded like kitten. It was a desert rain frog. At least I had finally found something cute and harmless.



I emerged from the water after admiring my new little friends and nearly walked right into the jaws of a crocodile! I backed away slowly, hoping that it hadn’t seen me, but it scurried several feet in my direction before halting to stare at me with its beady, blood thirsty eyes. I fumbled with the whip that was attached to my belt and manage to free it just before the croc made its next move. Cracking the whip in the air, I showed that monster who was boss; Indy-style.

As soon as the crocodile had lost interest in my flailing, I turned and ran for the hills.

Don’t try this at home kids.


By this point, I was starving. After surveying my vicinity to make sure that there were no extra-terrestrials or giant killer robots, I took a seat on a branch of a very comfortable tree to eat my soggy sandwich. Even crappy food tastes delicious when you’re starving.
Peanut Butter Jelly Time?
A cute little Capuchin monkey came over to inspect what I was doing. I was more than happy to offer him some of my sandwich, but he had other ideas. He quickly swiped both halves and darted off, kicking up sand in his sprint and cackling at me like he thought it was hilarious that I could be so stupid. I was mugged by a mean little monkey.

A nearby group of unrelated orangutans looked on curiously, and one mother even held up her infant to observe the foolish human. Way to add insult to injury there Ma. Thanks.

I walked off in defeat, still hearing the echoing whoops and yells of victory from the primates. Hungry, wet, and really wanting to cry.


I was feeling like the worst failure in the world. I was certain that I would die out there, and I didn’t even find that plant. What a waste. It was then that I saw something red in the distance. Could it really be? I dashed up the side of the hill with renewed energy, laughing with excitement as if I had just been told that I had won the lottery. Sure enough, it was the plant. I dug into the sand with my bare hands to extract it, because I had specifically been told to keep the roots intact. Carefully, I placed it in my bag (after tossing my laptop aside) and closed it up to keep it safe. Now I just had to find the base camp and this horrible nightmare would be over!



I spotted a structure in the distance and hoped with every fiber of my remaining sanity that it was the camp. It turned out to be an abandoned temple of some sort.

“Helloooo? Anybody home?”

I heard a low, throaty rumble in response. Slowly, I turned to look over my shoulder…


 And then got the heck out of there. Bye Felicia!

4829210After long hours of trekking blindly through the jungle, I finally found the base. At first, I was afraid to even enter. What if it was filled with an angry tribe that wanted to spear my face? I shook off my paranoia and ascended the steps wearily.


Base Camp

The stoic professor was the first to greet me, eagerly inquiring about his plant.

Me: “Sure, I have it. You didn’t tell me exactly how dangerous this trip was, huh?”

Finkle: “Ah, but it was worth it for the beauty of the divine plant, wasn’t it? Here is your check. Three hundred dollars!”


Yes, I’m short. Hush.

Me: “Three hu– three hundred dollars??”4988405

Oh my god I had completely neglected to remember about that tiny thing known as inflation. 

Finkle: “I know, it’s quite a reward, but this is a very special specimen! Do you know how difficult it was to pinpoint exactly which plant would complement my azaleas in the spring? I will be the envy of all of my colleagues at my soiree next month!”


6006363.pngMe: “Leave me alone. Don’t anybody talk to me.”

Finkle: *Laughs* “Oh silly, of course you will be invited. Don’t despair!”

Me: “UGHHH…”

The End

I hope you liked my story! Don’t forget to visit Makeahla Jungle so that you can have your own adventure. Bye!

-Logan Callaghan aka Peter Pan

logancallaghan resident

Indy the Time Traveler – LoganCallaghan

Styling Info: 

GizzA – Vintage Aviator Jacket

*ARGRACE* – Fedora Hat


RONSEM*– Rollup Jeans

RONSEM* – Sack bag -02 RARE

[Phunk] Lowtop Sneakers

Professor Edward P. Finkle – Daryoon Kroll

Tableau Vivant – Otto hair

DDD – Leather Spat Boots

Yasum – Dandy Coat

Yasum – Trash Pants

Role Optic – Ares I glasses

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