Wandering in DERAILED.


Today, I shall attempt to do my first blog entry on fashion. For my photographs, I decided to pick a sim that I had never been to before, Derailed. The scenery, landscaped by Neva Crystall-Blessed, ended up being so marvelous that I decided to take a few extra photos just to show off its charms!
The cozy lobby entrance.

Derailed. Entry
Just outside of the main lobby, you will find a breezy little bar featuring a sarcastic butler, Jeeves. Ok, so that isn’t really his name, but I had to call him something! He is quick to offer a drink before you head out on your explorations.
Jeeves and I really hit it off, so I got a quick selfie with him… even though he refused to pose.
My next destination was the pier. I’m always drawn to water, and despite the frigid winter air, I couldn’t help but to walk the length of it. I found a few little friends along the way, too!


Snow! \o/
After the ocean breeze nearly froze me to death, I decided to go for a romp in the snow. Isn’t it irresistibly gorgeous??


Ok, ok. Now for the real reason why I came out here. This super slick coat by +grasp+ is one of my new favorites in my closet. Ask anyone; I never take it off! It is slim fit (which I love in clothing) and it has a nice, wide bottom so that you can fit it over nearly any pair of pants… or your physical bottom if that’s the case. Not sure about Phat Azz mesh parts though. Don’t have one to try it on. Sorry.

The hood lays nicely on the shoulders. Not too bulbous and not too flat. I personally don’t ever put hoods on my head unless I feel frostbite nipping at my ears, but just in case you are wondering, there is no “hood on/off” feature. It is simply off and perfect as it is in my opinion.

16604692522_a9621115b6_kThen there are these awesome pants. I cannot express to you enough of how thrilled I am with these nicely textured graffiti pants by GothyroticaThey have a slight flair at the bottom  to accommodate sneakers which is great for us relaxed guys. The HUD* gives you several color options to match just about anything.

*Upon writing this blog entry, I had difficulty with the HUD that came with the pants. However, the creator promptly attended the issue and my pants are so colorful now! Thanks Gothyrotica!


I caught a whiff of some delicious food, so I kinda (unknowingly) snuck into a guy’s yard and stole his picnic. Hey, it was just setting out there getting cold anyway! My apologies for trespassing though. I thought they were free samples!

(P.S. That was some damn good soup. Just sayin.)

After filling my belly, I continued on my journey. I came across a chain link fence and decided to show off my military training…
…..Until I remembered that I have NO military training.  Besides, I might rip my gorgeous clothing!

snowball fort
Fancy a snowball fight? Pre-made snowball forts! As an extra bonus, some lovely little elf even assembled a little ammo supply. Too bad that I didn’t have anyone to throw them at!
This bakery possessed all of the charm and shabby chic that I happen to LOVE! The careful attention to detail on this one little shop is worth stopping to admire. On the opposite side of the building, there are some vintage signs propped against the wall, and inside…


balery inside
What’s that? You want to see more of the bakery goodies? Well I’m not telling! You will have to go take a look for yourself! Until you do, you will have to settle for this little sneak peek.
I was heading back to the main entrance and kind of back tracking to make sure that I hadn’t missed any cool things, when something zoomed by my feet. That’s right; a kitty on a Roomba. This village doesn’t hire monster street sweeping trucks, or even men with brooms and a dust pan. Nope. They have Kitty Roombas. There were two, but they moved so quickly that it was too difficult to snag them both. They are hard workers!


walking home

After chasing the kitties for awhile, I realized that it was getting late, so I had to wrap up my tour of Derailed. I would definitely recommend this location to anyone looking for a great place to take photos. It is a residential area as well, so if you are looking for a place to rent a home, you might want to check it out! Thank you to the lovely owners of Derailed for allowing the public to have access to your gorgeous sim!


Styling Credits:

Pants – Junkyard Graffiti – Gothyrotica

Coat – Fur hooded military jacket –+Grasp+ (and a women’s version, too! +Grasp+)

Hair – *Dura-Boy*51 – Dura


Visit Derailed today by clickingHERE!

Thanks for reading! Until next time…

-Logan Callaghan aka “Peter Pan”

LoganCallaghan Resident






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